Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cognos 10 Security

Creating Security Groups
Applying Report / Package Level security:
Access rights is a very important aspect of Business Intelligence implementation, as it may contain sensitive information.

1- Logon to Cognos 10 Portal.                                
2- Goto IBM Cognos Administration.                
3- Goto Security
4- Create New Group --> India Users --> Add Member
5- Create Another Group --> US Users --> Add Member
6- Grant Access rights to India Users for Indian Report
Click on Report Properties --> Permission --> Add

Users must have at least traverse permissions for the parent entries of the entries they want to access. The parent entries include container objects such as folders, packages, groups, roles, and namespaces.

To ensure that a user or group can run reports from a package, but not open the package in an IBM Cognos studio, grant the user or group execute and traverse permissions on the package.

7- Similarly, Grant Access rights to US Users for US Report
Click on Report Properties --> Permission --> Add


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