Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cognos 8 BI Series Course Content

Introduction to Data warehousing
  • The concept of DW and Data mart in real time phenomenon
  • The concept of Dimensional modeling and its role
  • Some Important Fundamentals on Database (e.g. basic SQL)

Introduction to Cognos 8 BI Series
  • Cognos and its components
  • Introduction to Cognos connection
  • Cognos Connection with examples

Introduction to Cognos Query Studio
  • Ad-hoc Reporting with Query studio
  • Query studio Report Examples (Report Creation)
  • Reports with Drill-thrus
  • Reports with Different Math Functions

Introduction to Cognos Report Studio
  • Complex Report Examples using Report Studio
  • Advanced Report creation with Different Functions
  • Reports with Drill-thrus and Master-Detail Reports
  • Different Type of Reports like Crosstab, Chart using Examples

Introduction to Modeling using Cognos Framework Manager
  • DMR Concpt in Cognos 8.3
  • Model Creation with live examles
  • Metadata Model with different function and calculation
  • Packge Creation and Publishing Package to Cognos Connection Portal

Introduction to OLAP Fundamentals
  • Cognos 8 Cube creation using Transformer
  • Different aspects of Cognos cube
  • Levels, categories, Dimension and Measures in Transformer
  • Viewing the Cube in windows mode