Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cognos 10 Drill Through Parameter based reports

Drill-thru Report:
Two separate reports are linked with each other on a common column.

Excercise:  The first report, lets call it as Parent Report shows the data at a summary level.
The second report, lets call it Child Report has the detail level data.
Parent Report--> Country, Sales Amount, Sales Qty.
Child Report --> Country, City, Customer, Sales Amount, Sales Qty.

Child Report will have a prompt on Country.
To create a Drill Thru link, between these two reports, a link is created on Country column in the Parent report, in such a way that a click on country in parent report would filter the child report.

Steps for Creating a master detail report:
1- Create a parent report.
2- Drag Country, Sales Amount and Sales Qty.
3- Save the Parent Report.
4- Create a Child Report. Country, City, Customer, Sales Amount, Sales Qty.
5- Create a Prompt on Country. Save the Child Report.
6- Click on the country column in the Parent Report.
7- Create a Drill thru link.
8- Select the Child Report and map country prompt to country column from parent.
Lets do it......


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