Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cognos 10 Administrator - Running a Report via Trigger

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Cognos 10 Administrator - Running a Report via Trigger:
A report can be scheduled based on Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly timeframe or can be event based.
For event based, we use Trigger.
Also, We can also specify the formats in which the reports are to be scheduled.

1- Click the Scheduling option available in front of every Report --> Sales Report.

2- Specify the run criteria / output format / save method   
For details, watch the video --> Scheduling a Report.

3- Click on the Trigger tab and set a trigger name: bdcs_trigger.
this is the name of the trigger and the command will use this trigger to run the report.
You can have multiple reports with a same trigger name.

4- Now, We need to find the trigger.bat file which is available under

5- Open the command line prompt & write the following command
trigger.bat <server_url> <trigger_name>;

trigger.bat "http://<computer_name>/p2pd/servlet/dispatch" bdcs_trigger;

6- You will get a message
Trigger: bdcs_trigger fired successfully

7- You can see the report which are currently running in the Current Activities
8- Future schedules in the upcoming activities.

9- Lets see the output of the report.



  1. This is for windows environment right? how about in UNIX? what should be the details for Can you please send a sample to

  2. This is for windows environment right? how about the for UNIX. what should I put in the

  3. can we pass parameter values through this method?