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Quantum Computing - Commonly Used Terms

Monday, July 13, 2020

Python and Machine Learning Tutorials

TensorFlow Machine Learning - Do it yourself Tutorials
Data Science Tutorials

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1Python Tutorial - Getting Started
2Python Tutorial - Data Types & Strings
3Python Tutorial - List & Tuples
4Python Tutorial - Sets & Dictionary
5Python Tutorial - If Else Statement
6Python Tutorial - For & While Loop
7Python Tutorial - User Defined Functions
8Python Tutorial - Read & Write a File
9Python Tutorial - Pandas Series
10Python Tutorial - DataFrames
11Python Tutorial - Lambda & Map
12What is Google Colaboratory for ML DL? - Getting Started
13Accessing google drive files in Google Colab
14Python Basics with Google Colab
15Machine Learning Flowchart with Colab
16Linear Regression for Layman Explained with Colab
17ML - Linear Regression Explained with Colab
18k-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) for Layman Explained with Colab
19Confusion Matrix Explained k-Nearest Neighbor
20What is Tensorflow 2.0? TensorFlow 2.0 Architecture Explained
21How to install TensorFlow 2 0? Install Tf 2.0 on Google Colab
22Getting Started with Tensorflow 2.0 & Executing First Code
23Tensorflow Eager Execution - Is it default in TensorFlow 2.0?
24TensorFlow Course Content & Useful Links
25TensorFlow Understand the data & Frame ML Problem (with Handson)
26Preparing for training a TensorFlow ML Model
27TensorFlow Train a Deep Neural Net Model
28Understanding Tensorboard
29TensorFlow Improving Model Performance - Feature Engineering
30TensorFlow - Improving Model Performance - Estimator Train & Eval Spec
31TensorFlow Deep Learning (Neural Net)
32Image Classifier Neural Net with Google Colab
33Callbacks in Neural Net with Google Colab
34Data Science - Scenario Based Practical Interview Questions with Answers - 1
35Scenario Based Practical Data Science Interview Questions with Answers - 2
36Top 15 Python Programming Questions & Solutions - Do it Yourself