Saturday, November 25, 2017

Python Tutorial - Data Types

Python Tutorial - Getting Started - DIY -1

Saturday, August 26, 2017

[Day-1]: Data Science & Machine Learning - Do it yourself

This training shall help you learn the basic concept of Data Science and Machine Learning - using R. This 2 weeks course would give you a kick-start to a very long journey as a Data Scientist - it takes time to master this area. Please have patience, at times you would feel that this is not your cup of tea but, trust a little patience and perseverance could do wonders.

The Day-1 course content is listed below along with the video link to help guide you complete the session for Day-1. Please feel to look out other material, links on the internet. The more you research the more confident you would become.
Don't hesitate to google for more information.
Hope this helps you in your career growth. 

Getting Started - DIY- 1 -of-50

Features of the Course:
1- Course is oriented towards Data Science – No prerequisites.
2- Primary goal is to give a kick-start to a Data Science Career.
3- Follow the examples mentioned in the videos.
4- Each topic is accompanied by Hands-on exercises.
5- Deep focus on real-life time examples.
6- Assuming no background experience – learn it at your own-pace.
7- Check your expectation out of this course, you may not master R or data science in 2 weeks. Well Begun is half done.

Install R:
7- Download and install R from CRAN – Comprehensive R Archive Network
8- Precompiled binary distributions of the base system and contributed packages.
9- Most common Machine Learning language
10 Can be integrated with other tools like Tableau