Friday, January 6, 2012

Cognos TM1 - Creating a new Data Server

Cognos TM1 - Creating a new Data Server: Watch this on You Tube

1- Goto C:\Program Files\cognos\TM1\Custom\TM1Data\PlanSamp
2- Copy tm1s.cfg and tm1s.lic and paste to c:\LearningTM1\BDCS\Data
3- Create a folder for log files: c:\LearningTM1\BDCS\logs
4- Open tm1s.cfg in a text editor.
5- Indicate the right ServerName and DataBaseDirectory.
6- Change the following:
 a- ServerName from ServerName=Planning Sample to ServerName=BDCS.
 b- DataBaseDirectory path:- c:\LearningTM1\BDCS\Data.
 c- Leave AdminHost=ACER-700
 d- PortNumber=12345 to PortNumber=23456.
 e- LoggingDirectory=c:\LearningTM1\BDCS\logs
7- Save tm1s.cfg.

Creating a new data Server desktop shortcut:
1- Goto C:\Program Files\cognos\TM1\bin and create a shortcut of
2- Rename tm1s.exe BDCS and right click properties.
3- In the target box:
"C:\Program Files\cognos\TM1\bin\tm1s.exe" -z

** -z indicates the location of the server configuration file
4- Double-click the BDCS shortcut on the desktop, the new TM1 server is started.
5- Open Server Explorer, and then from the File menu, click Refresh Available Servers.
The new BDCS appears

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