Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Framework Manager Dimensional Model - DMR

Creating a Framework Manager Dimensional Model - DMR.
Dimensional Model enables Drill Up and Drill Down functionality, Where we can traverse through the Hierarchy.
The Steps from #1 to 13 are similar to Framework Manager Relational Model - RMR.
We will use the Project created using the Scripts as shown in  Advanced FM- Using Scripts.

SO for this please refer videos:
a- Framework Manager Relational Model - RMR
b- Advanced Framework Manager Model - Using Scripts
1- Open the Framework Manager.
2- Click on New Project. Give a name.
3- Please notice that a Folder same as Project Name is automatically. The project file has an extension .cpf --> Cognos Project File.
4- Select the Language for FM --> English.
5- Select the type datasource.
6- Select a datasource --> DB from where you get the data for your reports.
7- Select the tables / views which are required for reporting.
8- Uncheck the options for identifying joins from DB.
9- Import the tables/views, Known as Query Subject in Cognos world.
10- Identify the usage property for each Columns (Query Items).
Identifier --> Ids/ Codes / Dates  
Fact --> Number / Figures / Measures
Attribute --> Remaining Query Items :-)
11- Right click on the project, create 2 Namespaces:
Database Layer
Presentation Layer.
12- Drag and Drop all the Query Subjects in the database Layer.
13- Create Joins between the Query Subjects. Specify the correct Cardinality. From Dimension:Fact --> 1:n
NOW, we will use the TestProject that we created using FM-Scripts:
14- Create Regular Dimension & Measure Dimension the Presentation Layer.
15- Right click Presentation Layer
--> Create Regular Dimension.
--> Create a Hierarchy
--> Create 4 Levels - Year/Quarter/Month/Date
--> From the Database Layer, associate the query items to the different levels.
16- Similarly create Regular Dimensions for Customer Geography --> Country/City/Customer
17- Create Measure Dimension add Sales Amount and Sales Quantity.
18- Create a Package: Right Click Packages--> Create Package.
19- Hide the Database Layer and check the Presentation Layer.
20- Select a location to publish the package.
21- Verify the model and publish the package.
22- Logon to the Cognos 10 Portal --> Open the package in Report Studio and start creating reports.
23- Drag and Drop Level Country, Level Year along with Sales Amount / Sales Quantity.
24- From the data menu, Drill Behaviour enable Drillup-DrillDown
25- Run the report.
SO THATS IT.......

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