Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cognos 10 Advanced Report Studio - Dynamic Grouping

Advanced Report Studio - Dynamic Grouping
Here we have a Report --> Country, Year, City, Sales Amount, Sales Quantity.
We need to give an option to the user to Dynamically Change the Primary Group to Country or Year.
1- Create a Report with   Country, Year, City, Sales Amount,Sales Quantity.        
2- Create a Static Prompt (?Choice?) on the Report Prompt Page.    
3- Specify the Static Choices: Country / Year
4- Specify a Default Choice --> Country
5- Goto Report Page
6- Create two Query Calculations
Group-1: if(?Choice? = 'Country') then ([Country]) else ([Year])
Group-2: if(?Choice? = 'Country') then ([Year]) else ([Country])  
7- Change the Header Text for Group-1 or Group-2.
8- Hide Country and Year Columns.  
9- Run the Report.

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