Sunday, January 1, 2012

Creating Cognos Datsource Connection

Creating Cognos Datsource Connection

1- Create a System DSN: Please note that User DSN doesn't work.
2- Goto Start --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> ODBC.          
3- Create a System DSN -> Select the Microsoft Driver for MDB.
4- Select the abcd.mdb file.
5- Save the connection.

6- Logon to Cognos 10 Portal.
7- Goto IBM Cognos Administration.  
8- Goto Configuration.
9- Data Source Connections--> Click on new Datasource
10- Specify a Datasource name.
11- Select datasource type as ODBC
12- Specify the Name of the System DSN.
You can specify the username and password for the database.
Leave it blank for this database as its not secured.
13- Test the connection. SUCCESS
14- Click Finish.

SO THATS IT.... .........


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