Monday, April 8, 2013

Creating Dimensions Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cubes (using Flat File)

Creating Dimensions Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cubes (using Flat File):
Using Single Flat File:
1- Open the Cognos Powerplay Transformer. Create a New Model.
2- Right click the datasource tab- area, and click on New Datasource.
3- Select source as flat file SalesData.csv
4- Now, create the dimensions & levels. There are multiple ways to create a dimension.
5- Lets create Customer Geo Dimension: Right click the dimension map. Insert Dimension.
6- Give a name to the dimension: Customer Geo Dimension: Drag and drop Country & City
7- Right click the Dimension area and Insert Level. Set source as Cust_id.
8- Next we need to set Label.
9- Click : select label as Customer Name. Source as Customer Code.
10- Now create Product Dimension --> Product Category -- Product Type -- Product
11- Set Product Code as Source and Product Name as Label for PRODUCT LEVEL.
12- Drag Sales Amount and Sales Quantity in the Measures Section.
13- Now we need to create cube.
14- Right click Cube Tab Area. Insert Powercube; Give a name. It is stored as .mdc. Set a path.
15- Right click again the powercube and create powercube.
16- The cube is generated successfully.


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