Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creating a Cognos Transformer cube from DMR

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Creating a Cognos Transformer cube from DMR.
Often in our projects, due to slow performance of the DMR, at times we face a situation to convert the DMR into a physical Transformer cube. Here is a simple method to achieve this functionality.
1- Open a Cognos Powerplay Transformer model.
2- Right click the Dimension Map and Insert Dimension from a Package.
3- Browse to already published DMR Package.
4- Select all the Regular Dimensions and Measure Dimension and bring it in the Cube.
5- You can see a datasource is created for Each Regular and Measure Dimension.
6- Now we need to create cube.
7- Right click Cube Tab Area. Insert Powercube; Give a name DMR-2-Cube. It is stored as .mdc. Set a path.
8- Right click again the powercube and create powercube.
9- The cube is generated successfully. Publish this cube onto Cognos Portal.


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