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Cognos Powerplay Transformer - Automate cubes generation refresh script - P-16-of-30

Cognos Powerplay Transformer - Automate cubes generation refresh script - Part-16-of-30

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Automating a Cognos Transformer cube generation process.

Often in our projects, we want to automate the cube to refresh process.
Let's understand the cube automation script.

1- Open a Cognos Powerplay Transformer model.
2- Validate the model.
3- Goto the the transformer installation location and locate the bin directory. 
4- Launch the command prompt and execute the following command
cogtr -n "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Transformer\Models\bdcs_cube.pyj"
syntax: cogtr -n <model name>

5- You can see the cube getting generated.
6- Now we need to create a windows batch file to schedule / automate  the cube refresh process.

7- Open the notepad and create a batch file with the following commands.

cd "C:\Program Files\cognos\c8 Trnsfmr\bin"
cogtr -n "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Transformer\Models\bdcs_cube.pyj"

8- Now to automate it, you can use windows scheduler. 
9- You can see at the pre-set time the cube gets refreshed.

Please note that this will work only for Window server based Cognos Installation. For Unix / Linux the process is a bit different.


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