Friday, April 19, 2013

Creating a Cognos Partition / Cube Group

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Creating a Cognos Partition / Cube Group:
How often we find that the cubes get bigger and we need to find some way to get the cubes to trim down for performance.
This can be done through Partition / cube groups.

Let's see how to partition the cube. It can be time based partition or the cube groups.

1- Open a Cognos Powerplay Transformer model.

2- Right click the Powercubes area, click on Insert Powercube.
3- Mention PowerCube name as MyCubeGroup. Click on Cube Group tab.

4- You can enable time based partitioning or select any other dimension.
5- Let's enable time based partioning.
6- You can set the levels of partition.
7- You can notice mulitple cubes for Year.

8- Now, lets partition the cubes based on Country. This can also be used to secure the cube data based on various country users.
9- From the cube group select the country dimension.
10- Generate the cube and you will notice multiple mdc files, one for each country.


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