Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating a Cognos Time Dimension - Date and Week Level

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Creating a Cognos Time Dimension - Date and Week Level:
This is second part of creating Time Dimensions. Please watch the previous video to create a Time Dimension.

1- Open a Cognos Powerplay Transformer model.
2- Right click the Time Dimension and click on Insert Level.
3- Set Name as Week. Select the source as Date and Check the Unique Level selection box.
4- Click on the "Time" Tab. Select the Date Function as Week. You can see the Time Level Ranking automatically Set to 40.
By Default Cognos sets Time Level Ranking for
Year --> 10,
Quarter -->20
Month -->30
Week --> 40 and
Date --> 50

5- Click on OK and you can see the week level getting created.
6- Similarly Create another level for Date
7- Generate Categories and see Time Heirarchy.
8- Clicking on Show Diagram, now you will find the Year --> Quarter --> Month --> Week-->
Date Levels.


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