Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tableau - Do it Yourself Tutorial - Word Cloud

Tableau - Do it Yourself(DIY) Tutorial - Word Cloud & Bubble Charts - DIY -10-of-50

In this video, we will see how to create Word Cloud & Bubble Charts.

1- Open the saved TWB file - Tableau BDCS DIY.

2- Use the data connection from the Video-1 of the Tableau DIY series

3- Goto a new Sheet - DIY - Vid - 10 - WC (for Word Cloud)

4- Drag and drop the Customer dimension to the  Marks - Label Area.

5- Next, drag and drop the Sales Amount to the Marks - Size area.

6- Create a new calculation here - name it as Profit/Loss, (Sales Amount - Sales Cost).

7- Now, drag the newly created column Profit/Loss in the Marks - Color area. If needed, change the Mark type back to Text.

8- Add the Country column in the filter area, and click on show filter.

9- Now, let's create a Bubble chart, on the similar lines - create a new Sheet - DIY - Vid - 10 - BC (for Bubble Chart)

10- Follow similar steps as we did for Word Cloud. But, Just change the Mark type back to Circle.

11- Do the following Hands on exercises.

Hands on - DIY #18

1- Add a new sheet.

2- Create a Word Cloud, and Bubble Chart for the following scenarios.

3- Use Item Name, Sales Quantity and Profit/Loss to create this visualization.

4- Add Item Category Filter, enable show filter.

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