Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Qlikview Tutorial - Star Schema Model Part-2-of-40

Qlikview Tutorial - Star Schema Model Part-2-of-40

In this video, we will create Star Schema in Qlikview

1- We have a Star Schema, with a Fact table and 3 Dimension Tables.
The goal to get the Star Schema model, create joins & make it available to crate reports.
Let's take a look at the model in SalesDatabase.
Customer Dimension, Product Dimension, Calendar Dimension & Sales Fact

2- Open Qlikview
3- Click on Edit Script Icon
3- On the lower left side, an option to select multiple data sources is provided.
4- Connect to the database using an ODBC connection. Use OLEDB for MDB.
5- Once the connection is set, the qlikview puts the connection string in the script.
6- Click on the "Select" button to pull the required tables.
7- Click on Reload.
8- Click on the Table viewer (Ctrl + T). 
Please note that Qlikview uses the column names to JOIN / identify relationships.

9- For joining two tables with different columns uses aliases. 
You can specify alias name "as [<column_name>]" e.g: "as [Time]"
Modify the script to add aliases.

10- Press reload & click on OK.
Go back to table viewer & you can see the joins getting created.

11- Add a List Object and display data by Product Category, Country, Year, Sales Amount & Quantity.


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