Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creating Dimensions IN TM1 using Turbo Integrator Process

Creating Dimensions in TM1 using Turbo Integrator Process
 There are 3 ways to create Dimensions
        a. Manual Insert Elements & Dimension
        b. Excel / Copy Paste method
        c. Through TM1 Turbointegrator Process (TI)

Steps (C- Through TM1 Turbointegrator Process (TI) ):
Open the BDCS Data Server
i. Click on Processes
ii. From the Panel select Data Source, Click on Text and Navigate to Product.csv file

iii. Focus on the below area of screen and confirm that v1 is Product and v2 is Product Type and v3 as All Product
iv. Click on Variable tab and rename V1 as vProducts, V2 as Product Types and v3 as Total Products
v. Select Contents as Element for Product and Consolidation for other two
vi. From the Maps Tab in the Dimensions Create a New Dimension known as Product (Products) at the end Element Order should be make as Automatic by Hierarchy
vii. Click on consolidations Tab, make Product as a Child for Product Type and make ProductType as Child for TotalProducts.
viii. Click on the advanced tabs and make sure to validate/Click on all the Tabs.
ix. Save the Process as CreateProductcsv
x. Run the Process
xi. Validate Elements in Products Dimensions
xii. Similarly Create the Channel Dimensions and Process.


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