Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creating Calculations / Filters / Scripts in Framework Manager

Creating Calculations / Filters in Framework Manager
We can create calculations/filters in the framework Manager itself so that it can be used across multiple reports.
1- Open the Framework Manager project.
2- Click on the Sales Fact Query Subject.
3- Click Add for Calculations Tab.
4- Create a calcuation - Total Cost = Sales Amount * Quantity.
5- Click Ok.
6- There are two types of filters in FM.
a: Standalone filter - Independent filter. Will be applied when its explicitly part of the report.
b: Embedded filter - Part of a query Subject. Is applied automatically when any query item is used from that Query Subject.

Embedded filter
7- Double click Customer Dimension.
8- Click on Filter Tab.
9- Create an Embedded filter - Country in USA, IN
10- Click Ok and close.
Standalone Filter
11- Right Click the Presentation Layer and create a filter.
12- Country in USA
Converting Embedded Filter to Standalone Filter:
13- Double click Customer Dimension.
14- Click on Filter Tab.
15- Convert filter to Standalone.
16- Re-publish the Package.
17- Create the report and use the calcualtions and filters.

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